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Fatoglu Food Industry is a Fatoglu Group Establishment.

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Fatoğlu Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was established ih 1978 by AHMET FATOĞLU for the purpose of providing Flour and Bran production mainly in Black Sea region. Thus, it started activity in the flour mill sector as an establishment of Giresun province doing Flour-Brad production.

The flour production establishment that have a capacity of 160 ton/day were extended as 300 ton/day capacity, in 1998 it reached a capacity of 660 ton/day by adding a second production line by German based Bühler technology.

Together with the capacity increases, almost all of the capacity of the establishments since the foundation day has been used.

Upon the broken up of the Soviet Union and opening of the Sarp Customs Gate it started exporting Azerbaijan and Georgia, as a result of the interest aroused by these quality products in these countries, the export gradually increased.

To meet the increasing demand, it also started realizing productions in Bulancak/GİRESUN and Hopa Kaçkar by renting 2 plants each has 162.000 ton/year capacity in Bulancak/GİRESUN and by renting 180 ton/day capacity flour plant in Hopa Kaçkar.

In 1998, Fatoğlu İstehsal Ltd. Birge establishment started the construction of a Plant capable of processing 150ton/day wheat in Gence city of Azerbaijan by 95 % participating of Fatoğlu on an area of 43.000 m2 and started operation on November 1999. In a short time after it started production the capacity of the establishment was increased to 300 ton/day to meet the increasing demand.

Our firm started quality works in 1997 with understanding of customer satisfaction, quality product and uninterrupted service understanding, by targeting institutionalization, in the year 2000 obtained TSE ISO EN 9002 quality certificate and aimed to obtained 14001 environment management system certificate.

Fatoğlu, which is the leading firm of the sector, established a new production establishment having a capacity of 200 ton/day on an area of 16.000 m2 and started production in 2002 to meet the increasing demand in Lüleburgaz/TEKİRDAĞ.

Fatoğlu, which is one of the leading firm of the sector, realizes yearly 600-800 thousand wheat import by importing itself or mediating for the import of other producer firms either as its production raw material or for meeting the raw material requirements of the Turkish Mill Owners for the purpose of increasing the quality of the Fatoğlu Food product. This amount corresponds about 40-45 % of the total export of Turkey.

In the ranking of "500 Big Industrial Establishments of Turkey" made by İstanbul Industrial Camber between establishments taking sales from production as base; it took the following places:

Sales from production
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About 400 staff personnel work within its structure.

It is in a position of the leader of its sector for last three years according to the statistics of the "Position of the Industrial Establishments Within the Sector" yearly arranged by the Central Bank.


Flour, bran production, grain trade, shipowner, domestic and international land transportation